Project Details

Type: Team Project
Engine: lumberyard 1.6, 1.7 and 1.9
Platform: PC -HTC VIVE
Team size: 
Role: Technical Designer


Our goal with this project was to make a narrative experience that focuses on people and their troubles. Though the original concept for the game was to make something grim and almost horror like the game and its message changed as we started working on it. Now it has evolved into a beautiful, low poly experience about life and the choices we make.


To me this project was more to learn a new diffrent engine. The engine at the time was still in its beta stages and progress wasnt as smooth as you wanted to be. But I can see where they are trying to go and I am pretty sure its going to be pretty good/strong engine to work with.
I worked on a few mechanics that I will go over in more details below.

My Work


the problem with school projects is that we are very limited in team members.
you are always missing someone character artist or you are a programmer short but there are never any audio designers. so I tried to make the audio work for this project the audio for this game wasnt really designed pretty much jumped in the deepend.

I used a third party program (Wwise) to organize the audio in Lumberyard. for the dialog just made triggers to play the right sounds at the right time. as for the ambient sound i made a composition and create a dynamic ambient sound.


the concept is that the player influences the person and that the state of the appartment changes to give the player a sense what sort of impact their advise caused i made a few mechanics.
one scenario might be getting the person depresed and the appartment clutters.
I made a chalkboard where certain messages appear on drawings reminders, a Journal where the player can keep track in what happend last time and i made a working clock where the clock handle spins crazy to help the player understand you just jumped forward in time.